1.1ct Sky Blue Montana Sapphire, Unheated


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1.09ct Medium Blue Unheated Sapphire, mined from surface gravel along the Missouri River in Montana

Precision Cut in the USA by Troy Richardson

4.7 x 7.4 x 3.8mm

A stately Sky Sapphire, expertly step cut in an elongated Hexagon shape.  Amazing flash and polish on this extremely clean crystal, zero inclusions other than a little patch of silk on the table, only visible when the light hits at just the right angle.  Delicious medium tone Blue with minimal green secondary along the long axis.  This design and tone would be ideal bezel set, the result would turn heads, or make any bride-to-be blush!  Color is a bit better than the photo implies, see our Instagram or contact us for video of this American beauty!