1.57ct Mint Green Montana Sapphire, Princess Cut, Unheated

$1,700.00 (USD)
Unheated Mint Green Montana Sapphire, Princess Cut

1.57ct Mint Green Sapphire from the Missouri River Deposits in Montana, Unheated

Custom designed and cut in Montana by Lapidary Extraordinaire James Finkler

5.6 x 4.9 mm

You can’t beat the unstoppable scintillation in this dazzling Minty Princess cut Sapphire! Fabulous clarity and impeccable U.S. cutting come together to show the light tones of this gem to maximum effect. ┬áMinty Green outdoors shifting to a Silvery Green indoors, under a 10x loupe there are some very tiny inclusions in one corner, along with a wisp of rutile silk.

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