1.65ct Unheated Aquamarine, Ethiopia

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Aquamarine, Ethiopian, Unheated, Blue, Green, Square, Radiant

1.65ct Unheated Ocean Blue Ethiopian Aquamarine
Custom USA cut in Arya Akhavan’s “Northstar” design

6.86 x 6.86 x 5.28 mm

A stunning medium-dark Aqua from an unusual location, unreal design and cutting!  Aquamarine was first found in Ethiopia in 2010.  Mostly specimens have been found, locked in granitic pegmatite, with only one open pocket of gem grade material located to date.   We were extremely fortunate to obtain a small parcel.  This gem is a wonderful medium-dark blue with a small hint of green, perfect clarity, and a unique and showy design.  Past eye clean, there is only a very tiny line of bubbles keeping this gem from being flawless.