1.6ct Teal Montana Sapphire, Unheated


1.61ct Teal Missouri River Sapphire, Sourced from a small, family-owned mine outside Helena, MT

Custom Round Brilliant cut by Daniel O’Neil, Alaska

6.9 x 4.4 mm

A decadent Medium-Deep Oceanic Blue, the color of North Atlantic waves!  On the beach or in the office, this Round Brilliant cut flashes deep, rich Green/Blues.    Like most Unheated Montana Sapphires, this gem will change color with the light and viewing angle, trending between Blue and Green. The rough crystal was visibly dichroic (blue along the C axis and Green on the A/B), and was cut to favor the Bluer “C” .  Light rutile silk is present, imparting a soft glow under direct lighting and luscious flashes of color under any lighting condition 🙂 Surface mined from the alluvial gravel deposits of the Missouri River in Montana.

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