2.0ct Unheated Montana Sapphire Hex


2.0ct Aqua Blue Montana Missouri River Sapphire, Hex cut

Precision cut in USA by Michelle Mai @mvmgems

6.3 x 7.6 (flat to flat diagonally) x 8.6 (point to point across) x 4.7 mm

A stunning, crystal clear Aqua Blue Montana Sapphire!  Lovingly cut by Michelle in her original design, “Tie Interceptor”.  This spectacular gem shifts color (as do most Unheated Montanas) ranging between Greenish Blue and Denim Blue.

Ethically mined along the banks of the Missouri River outside Helena, Montana by a small miner. These amazing Sapphires are surface-mined from alluvial gravel, meaning there is almost zero environmental impact! We pay our miners and cutters a fair price (no haggling here) for their labors, so you can rest assured that any gem purchased from us has positively impacted the lives of everyone in our supply chain 🙂


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