2.41ct Montana Sapphire, Unheated, Missouri River Deposit

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Montana Sapphire, Blue, Purple, Unheated, El Dorado Bar, rectangle

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2.41ct Montana Sapphire, Unheated, Mined on the El Dorado Bar

Custom designed and Cut in the USA by Daniel O’Neil

6.35 x 7.8 x 5.08 mm

A delicate silvery pastel blue Montana sapphire with excellent clarity, shifting to light purple under CFL or halogen light.  Can appear almost colorless or silver at times.  Stunning in any lighting situation, even the smallest flicker of light will set this light-toned American sapphire glittering!  There are a few very tiny rutile needles visible under 10x magnification only.  Mined by a small, family run operation outside of Helena, MT.


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