2.59ct Connecticut Heliodor, Untreated

$600.00 (USD)
Heliodor, Untreated, Unheated, Beryl, Yellow Beryl, Golden Beryl, Connecticut, Roebling Mine

2.59ct Buttery Yellow Heliodor, Natural color from the famous Roebling Mine in Merryall, CT

Custom design and precision cut by Daniel O’Neil

9.60 x 6.88 x 5.66 mm

A classic heliodor from America’s most productive (former) Beryl mine.  100% natural, earth-mined color.  This piece has marvelous clarity and cutting. Perfect size for a one-of-a-kind all American jewelry piece.  Only one very tiny feather inclusion on the table along with a few bubbles in one corner, both visible only under a loupe.

Unlike Golder Beryl from most other locales, Heliodor from the famous Roebling Cut needs no heat or radiation to achieve its stable color. Unfortunately, the mine has been closed for 30+ years and is now surrounded by a housing development. In addition, the overburden has collapsed into the open cut, blocking access to the productive veins of pegmatite. This rough was purchased in the form of dumptruck loads of mine-run pegmatite, from the former mine owner Howard Hewitt, not long before he passed away (around 1980). A piece from this mine run now sits in the Smithsonian’s collection.

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