2.7ct Connecticut Heliodor, Roebling Mine


2.75ct Natural Connecticut Heliodor, Beryl from the Roebling Mine

Precision Cut in the USA by Christopher Bork @exlapidus

9.0 x 7.4 mm

A stunning clean, precision cut, naturally colored Heliodor from the famous Roebling Mine in New Milford, CT.  While Yellow Beryl is fairly common, most of what is currently on the market is colored by radiation.  The color of this stone is 100% Natural, and has not been altered in any way by heat or radiation. The Roebling mine was the world’s largest source for naturally colored Heliodor until it closed in the 1980’s.  Several gems from this historic locale now sit in the Smithsonian.  Now an extremely rare American Gemstone species, cut gems have sold at auction for very high prices.

The old Roebling Mine in Merryall, New Milford, Connecticut operated from 1880-1900 with the purpose of recovering Mica and Feldspar, but it was discovered that the locality produced gem quality Beryls, which turned out of be a happy accidental by-product. Individual crystals of Beryl at this mine were found measuring more than 1 foot in diameter, and 4,000 Beryl gemstones were reportedly cut in the year 1896 alone. This stone is a very fine Heliodor, and a great representation of this classic material.  Comes with a provenance report detailing all aspects of this gem’s history from mine to market.