3.05ct Orange Imperial Guerrero Topaz, Mexico

$200.00 (USD)

3.05ct Burnt Orange “Imperial” Guerrero Topaz, Mexico
Custom USA cut in Walt Heitland’s “Brilliant Lozenge” design

12.24 x 10.62 x 5.84 mm

This spectacular top color topaz faces up on the C axis for best color, cut in a diamond shape to take advantage of the natural crystal.  The mine has been closed and flooded for many years now, and this unique material has become very scarce.  Under a loupe, there is a very small feather reaching the girdle at one corner, should be set on the sides as opposed to corners, also the polish on this piece is not up to our usual standards.  Otherwise loupe clean at 10x.  We do suspect this piece ( and possibly most Guerrero topaz) has been irradiated, but we have UV tested it and the color is completely stable.