3.33ct “Imperial” Guerrero Topaz, Mexico

$750.00 (USD)

3.33ct Topaz, Guerrero, Mexico
Custom design and cut by Daniel O’Neil

Treatment: Possible Radiation

12.14 x 6.63 x 4.62 mm

A classic, intensely dichroic Guerrero topaz from Mexico with a brilliant polish.  Topaz in darker colors is becoming extremely rare, and the mine that produced this material has been closed/flooded for many years.  Few gem materials exhibit such pronounced dichroism, and this one has been cut to maximize the effect, showing light brownish-orange and burgundy on face-up but burnt orange when viewed from the side.  A few very small inclusions, eye clean.  We do suspect this piece may have been irradiated, but the treatment is undetectable and stable.  Extensively UV tested.