4.57ct Spectacular Unheated Montana Sapphire

$9,000.00 (USD)

4.57ct Round Montana Sapphire, Unheated, from the Missouri River Deposits

8.6 x 7.4mm

  Custom cut in the USA by Daniel O’Neil, in a design hand-drawn just for this Montana Sapphire!  A refreshing Aqua Blue color, with lots of interesting scintillation.  As with many Montana’s, there is some silk in this gem, enough to give it a soft glow as opposed to a hard brilliance.  It would be an excellent candidate for heat treatment, but in this case we love it so much as-is we’ve decided to offer it up in it’s natural earth-mined state. 

  Comes with an AGL report stating Unheated Natural Sapphire.


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