4.85ct Arizona Gem Silica



4.85ct Translucent Arizona Gem Silica, Greenish Blue, Ray Mine

Cut in the USA by Cabochon artist Ryan Quantz

11.3 x 11.4 x 4.0mm

A drop dead gorgeous Gem Silica from the 2018 find at the Ray Mine.  Expertly cut for maximum translucency and polished to perfection!  Technically a cryptocrystalline Quartz colored by evenly distributed microscopic inclusions of Chrysocolla, Arizona Gem Silica of this grade is extremely rare and sought-after around the world for it’s vibrant natural color and durability. You will find no finer Gem Silica from any locale!  Gem Silica is the most durable everyday wear natural gem available in this color, perfect for a unique custom engagement ring!