1.17ct Madagascar Color Shift Sapphire, Unheated


1.17ct Purple-Pink-Peach-Green Color Shifting Sapphire from Madagascar

USA cut by lapidary Scott Maier in a step-cut elongated Hex

7.2 x 4.5 x 3.9 mm

An enigmatic Color Shifting Sapphire from a Sustainable Sapphire Mining project in Vatomandry.  This charming crystal is a solid Dusty Raspberry Purple under artificial lighting, and outdoors I have observed (so far) a cool Lavender-Mauve, and Greenish Purple-Pink which sometimes blends to a Bronze color.  Starkly Dichroic and cut on the margin, outdoors this Sapphire’s A and B axis shifts to a pale peachy green, and turning the stone 90 degrees in hand can shift the color between that and the Pinkish-Purple C axis! There is also some soft rutile throughout, producing a lightly opalescent effect under oblique lighting, and some banded zoning of more intense color (visible in some photo’s and often in hand) that has some associated rutile silk as well, along with a small internal feather visible under 10x magnification.