1.5ct Unheated Purple Umba Sapphire


1.55ct Royal Purple Unheated Sapphire from the Umba River Deposit in Tanzania

Precision Cut in the USA in a Round Brilliant, by Daniel O’Neil

7.35 x 4.08 mm

A Rich Purple Sapphire Round from Tanzania, Natural unheated color and stunningly clean! A Medium Dark Violet to Fuchsia Purple, shows flashes of both warm and cool Purples on face-up, due to the dichroic nature of Sapphire.  Shifts to Fuchsia completely under warm indoor lighting 🙂   Excellent USA cutting completes this pleasing package, sure to please any Purple Lover.  There are some very tiny crystal inclusions and a few miniscule needles, barely visible at 10x.




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Click link below for video in natural outdoor lighting

unheated purple umba sapphire -020A-4002-B792-C8DFD034DE1B.medium