2.7ct Unheated Seafoam Green Montana Sapphire


2.7ct Unheated Oval Montana Sapphire, Missouri River Deposit

7.6 x 9.1 x 5.0 mm

Custom oval design and precision cutting by gemstone Artist Daniel O’Neil

An ample Seafoam Montana Sapphire, with color shifts from Pastel Green to Sky Blue to Greenish Silver.  Color trends towards Green under shade or warm artificial lighting, usually shows more Blue under fluorescents or full sunlight.  This never-ending color shift is common with Unheated Montana Sapphires, they tend to lose the shift when heated or treated. Ethically mined by a small, family-owned mine situated on the surface gravels of the Missouri River near Lake Hauser.  Custom cut in Alaska in a design drawn up specifically for this Sapphire to ensure maximum performance 🙂  Clean Montanas this size are few and far between – sure to make a smashing engagement ring or pendant!