Missouri River Sapphire Company

Missouri River Sapphire Company specializes in Unheated Montana Sapphires!  Colored by Nature, ethically mined, and expertly cut in the USA.  Montana Sapphires are truly rare, all American gemstones sure to be appreciated for generations to come.

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3.12ct Blue Montana Sapphire, Square Radiant

 A Royal Blue Stunner, amply sized and unmistakeably a Sapphire!  Flashes of deep, Electric Blue beckon thanks to precision lapidary work.  Top notch everything here with an All American pedigree.  AGL certificate included.

1.7ct Unheated Montana Sapphire Oval


A perfect Unheated Greenish Blue Montana Sapphire, cut in a classic chunky oval design!  Shifts towards Green under indirect sunlight, more Blue under cool indoor light.  Ideal size for a custom engagement ring for your betrothed!


1.6ct Unheated Teal Montana Sapphire Round

 Stunning precision cutting brings out the most in this mysterious Mermaid colored Montana Sapphire.  Perfect Teal outdoors with a shift towards the Blue side indoors. Great size for a Sapphire engagement ring!

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You can email us directly at MissouriRiverSapphireCo@gmail.com. Missouri River Sapphire Co. can also be reached through Instagram or Facebook. If a phone, video, or in person consultation is preferred, please email or message first to arrange a time.