2.8ct Arizona Gem Silica, Ray Mine


2.87ct Gem Silica (Chrysocolla in Quartz) Cabochon from the Ray Mine in Arizona, Colored by Copper

12 x 9 x 3.6mm

An extremely clean Ray Mine Gem Silica, in the classic Cuprian Blue the mine is famous for.  Technically a Medium Greenish Blue Chalcedony, colored by tiny inclusions of Chrysocolla scattered throughout a cyptocrystalline Quartz.  This piece is read-print-through clarity, with a velvety sheen/glow due to the nature of the material.  Often called “Gel”, this is the highest grade of Gem Silica.  The Arizona material is sought-after worldwide due to it’s incredible color, clarity, and stability.  Gem Silica is a “7” on the Moh’s hardness scale, with no cleavage and excellent durability, when cut en cabochon it’s well suited for daily wear in jewelry, including as a ringstone 🙂

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