28ct Rwandan Amethyst, Geometric Pear


28.87ct Rwandan Amethyst, Geometric Pear Shape

Precision Cut in the USA by Troy Richardson, in his own design “Persephone’s Pendulum”

26.5 x 17.5 x 12 mm

A dramatic deep Purple Rwandan Amethyst with Mauve undertones, from the now famous 2015 find.  Amethyst from Rwanda was only discovered recently, and since then has become synonymous with top-quality Amethyst.  It’s easy to see why, it cuts large and spotlessly clean gems with deep, dramatic Purple color.  Rumor has it the deposit was exhausted quickly, but we managed to obtain a small parcel recently.  This was the largest piece in the parcel, and we cannot replace it when it’s gone.  Would make a striking pendant centerstone!

Our cutter Troy recently underwent surgery for a hiatal hernia that has plagued him for years, and is recovering at home while *still* cutting gems (that’s dedication!).  He racked up a large medical bill, so we are donating 33% of the proceeds from this spectacular Amethyst to help him cover his expenses 🙂



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