3.18 tcw California Tourmaline, Himalaya Mine

$800.00 (USD)
Pink Tourmaline Pair Earrings Himalaya Mine California Flawless

3.18 total carat weight pair of Pink Himalaya Tourmalines from Santa Ysabel, CA

Precision USA cutting by Troy Richardson, “Square Brilliant” design by Evan Williams

6.68 x 6.68 x 5 mm each

Clean tourmaline from California’s famous Himalaya Mine is rare enough, but a near-flawless pair is almost impossible to come by, so we were delighted when one of our small miners offered this! Rich, bright pink crystal with just a hint of peach, these would make scrumptious earrings (especially set in rose gold).  One of the pair is loupe clean, the other has a very tiny inclusion, difficult to find even with 10x loupe.  Everything about these fine gemstones is superlative – color, clarity, cut, and polish 🙂  Cut from the 10ct crystal pictured in center.


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