3.77ct Connecticut Heliodor, Unheated/Untreated

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Heliodor, Untreated, Unheated, Beryl, Yellow Beryl, Golden Beryl, Connecticut, Roebling Mine

3.77ct Heliodor, Roebling Mine, Litchfield Connecticut

8.94 x 10.44 x 6.6 mm

Precision cut by Troy Richardson in Vernon Larson’s “Emerald Prince II” design

A resplendent North American Beryl with 100% natural, earth-mined color.  Canary yellow outside, a touch more golden under CFLs or flourescents – blindingly bright under any light.  Two very small veils in the pavilion under a 10x loupe, not visible to the naked eye ever.

Unlike Golden Beryl from most other locales, Heliodor from the famous Roebling Cut needs no heat or radiation to achieve its stable color. Unfortunately, the mine has been closed for 30+ years and is now surrounded by a housing development. In addition, the overburden has collapsed into the open cut, blocking access to the productive veins of pegmatite. This rough was purchased in the form of dumptruck loads of mine-run pegmatite, from mine owner Howard Hewitt, not long before he passed away (around 1980). A piece from this mine run now sits in the Smithsonian’s collection.  We have an extremely limited supply of this historic material, with zero hope of replacing it when it’s gone.  Video of this stone here: https://youtu.be/vFfwD9D63rs

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