4.1ct Cuprian Opal Cabochon


4.12ct Deep Caribbean Blue Opal mined from the Andes Mountains

Cut in the USA by Jon @ObsidianEdgeStudio

9.5 x 16.3 x 4.0 mm

A breathtaking and sizeable Peruvian Blue Opal, mined from a mountainside high in the Andes.  This stunning gem was cut from old stock of a quality seldom available on today’s gem markets.  Deep, glowy waves of Caribbean Blue Green come out of this rare form of Opal, a swoon-worthy cabochon to be sure!  Good translucency, larger print can be read through the gem. Lovingly cut in North Carolina by an experienced lapidary into a custom shield shape.  This piece is somewhat less hygroscopic than most of the Peruvian Blue I have handled, so less likely to go opaque in low-humidity environments like deserts.


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