4.35ct Green Montana Sapphire Round, Unheated


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4.35ct Unheated Montana Sapphire, Missouri River Deposit


8.6×7.6 mm, Cut in the USA by Daniel O’Neil

A decadently cut Round Green Sapphire, totally unheated/untreated, straight from a small mine along the banks of the Missouri River in Montana.  Green Sapphires are unusual for Montana, especially unheated gems, and this one is quite clean and over the four carat mark as well!

This Montana Sapphire was cut from a twelve carat rough which was the best piece from a 25yd mine run.  To give an idea, that’s a whole dumptruck load of gravel that had to be dug (after the overburden was removed from atop), concentrated, and then processed through a jig to find this and just a few other roughs worthy of our USA-based lapidaries.

AGL report and Provenance included.

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Unheated Green Montana SapphireRound Green Montana SapphireGreen Sapphire