1.9ct Unheated Blue to Green to Purple Montana Sapphire


1.9ct Unheated Montana Sapphire, Color shift from Blue to Green to Purple

Custom designed and cut in the USA by lapidary Daniel O’Neil

7.0 x 5.5 x 5.2 mm

This chameleon of an Unheated Montana Sapphire has three distinctly different colors! Powder Blue under sunlight and cool artificial lighting, Seafoam Green in shade, and a Purplish Gray under warm indoor lighting :O  Light in tone, so the change is not dramatic but it does swing from cool to warm across the color wheel. Some undissolved rutile silk shows this Sapphire’s Unheated status, and imparts a softer look, otherwise extremely clean.  Cut in a Custom Rectangular Step cut, performed to exacting standard here in the USA.  Ethically mined by awesome people, on a small plot outside Helena, MT.