Unheated Montana White Sapphire, Square Radiant Cut


.85ct Unheated Montana Sapphire

5 x 5 x 3.8 mm

“Square Radiant” Cut by James Finkler

Perfect in every way, this sparkling 5×5 mm Unheated Montana Sapphire shifts from a pale steely blue indoors to bluish or greenish silver outdoors. Ideal size for a petite All-American Engagement ring! We source these Montana Sapphires directly from small mines operating around Helena, MT, and have our team of skilled American Lapidaries cut them for maximum beauty (not carat weight). The light return and polish on this stone is truly impressive under any lighting situation.  The slightest movement sets this gem to sparkling!  Some very very small inclusions, impossible to see without a 10x loupe.