6.25 ct Zircon, Australia


6.25ct Apricot Zircon, mined from the Harts Range

10.8  x 6.9 x 6.5 mm

Custom cut in the USA by lapidary artist Daniel O’Neil

A warm Orange-Pink-Purplei-sh Brown Zircon mined from the Harts Range in the Northern Territory of Australia, extremely large for the locale.  Color ranges from Apricot to Bronze to Dark Mauve.  Flashes Rainbows in direct sunlight, as the Zircon has good dispersion and this gem was expertly cut with that in mind 🙂 Natural Zircon is quite rare, especially in larger sizes.  There is a small inclusion  down in the pavilion, I cannot see it without magnification and it does not reach the surface.  Mining regulations in Australia are quite strict, Zircons from this area are mined by licensed fossickers using hand tools and sieves, so very much ethically mined.

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