1.8ct Montana Sapphire, Unheated


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1.86 carat Glacial Blue Montana Sapphire Round, Unheated, Missouri River Deposit

Precision Cut in “Spoke”, a custom design by lapidary Michelle Mai

7.0 x 5.0 mm

A super sparkly custom Round cut showcases this clean Unheated Montana to maximum effect.  Performance is fantastic under any lighting, even bright direct sunlight 🙂  Slight color shift from Powder Blue to Pastel Minty Green, usually showing a bit of each on face-up.  There is a very, very small internal inclusion that cannot be seen without magnification – a near perfect Montana Sapphire!  This gem will make an ideal engagement ring – like your significant other, it will be easy to stare at for years to come 😉 Unheated crystals this size and clarity (with zero rutile silk) are exceptionally rare from any locale, especially the Missouri River Gravels.  Truly a special gemstone!

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