1.94ct Montana Sapphire, Unheated

$2,800.00 (USD)
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Blue Green Montana Sapphire Unheated Precision Cut Round

1.94ct Montana Sapphire, Unheated, Missouri River Deposit

6.9mm x 5.36 mm

Custom Design and Cut in the USA

A Lovely medium Ocean Blue Montana sapphire, unheated and ethically mined and cut here in the USA. Eye clean, there is a small amount of very fine silk visible with a 10x loupe, giving this gem a soft brilliance. Still lots of sparkle and outstanding saturation for a Montana.  Shifts to blue under indoor lighting.

One thought on “1.94ct Montana Sapphire, Unheated

  1. Rob Sauer

    I’m very interested in the sapphire. One problem we have noticed with some montana sapphires is that they can appear pretty grey in a lot of lighting conditions. Does this one do that?

    I would love to see a video of it so we can get an idea of the cut, color, and brilliance.



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