2ct. Arizona Gem Silica


2.03ct Greenish Blue Gem Silica from Arizona

Top quality Gem Silica from Arizona.  Electric Greenish Blue with wondrous translucency, easy to read print through 🙂  The supply of Arizona Gem Silica has slowed to a mere trickle, I don’t expect this quality to be available again anytime soon. Technically Chrysocolla included Chalcedony, the best grade has a gel-like appearance where the chrysocolla inclusions are microscopic and evenly distributed.  Gem Silica is very wearable and makes ideal daily wear jewelry, like engagement rings.  It has a hardness of 7 on the Moh’s scale, but is more durable than crystalline quartz, due to it’s cryptocrystalline structure it lacks cleavage and has excellent toughness.