9.70ct Arizona Amethyst

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Four Peaks Amethyst Purple Trillion Arizona Sustainably Mined Conflict Free Precision Cut

9.70ct Amethyst, Four Peaks Mine, Arizona
Custom cut in the USA

A sizeable Amethyst from the famous 4 Peaks Mine in Arizona, in a pleasing medium purple with pink flashes. Eye clean, there is some zoning, not very noticeable on face up, and at 10x magnification a very small veil at one corner.   Four Peaks material is mined the old-fashioned way – miners either trek miles up rugged mountain paths to reach the mine, or can opt to take a helicopter to access the remote site, where they dig in timber-braced tunnels with hand tools.  Most of this mine’s output is sent overseas, we were lucky enough to run across some in an old collection.