1.7ct Green/Yellow Parti Montana Sapphire Hexagon


1.72ct Green/Yellow Parti Sapphire Hexagon, Unheated, mined along the Missouri River in Montana

7.0 (flat to flat)  x 8.0 (point to point) x 4.2mm

Precision cut in the USA by lapidary Michelle Mai @mvmgems

A Golden Green Unheated Montana Parti Sapphire, with a yellow center which is sometimes apparent in hand.  Mined by a small family owned/run operation along the shores of Lake Hauser.  Color shifting as with most Montanas, from Golden Green outdoors to Olive indoors.  Amazing cutting as always by Ms. Mai, with and unstoppable polish! Plenty to look at under the loupe if you are so inclined; a crystal inclusion with halo visible in hand, down in the Yellow culet but not surface reaching, a lovely golden-sheened patch of rutile silk that occasionally flashes in hand, and some very small crystal inclusions off to one side under 10x magnification.  A truly unique and funky (Parliament funky not old sneakers funky) Montana Sapphire in a very rare Unheated color.