1.3ct White Montana Sapphire


1.29ct Unheated Cool White Montana Sapphire

Precision Round cut in the USA by Craig Oliveira

6.5 x 4.2mm

  A spectacularly clean and bright White Sapphire, Unheated and Untreated, from the Missouri River Gravel Deposit outside Helena, Montana.  I’ve labeled this one a “cool” white, as it will show just the slightest tinge of Green (indoors) or Blue (outdoors) under the right lighting.  Crystal clear and splendidly cut and polished by one of our best Sapphire cutters, this custom round design sparkles like mad in the sunshine, and shows excellent dispersion (rainbows!).  It could easily be mistaken for a diamond, but in fact Unheated Sapphires are fare rarer than white diamonds 😉  Would make a perfect ethical, all American engagement ring.