1.7ct Deep Blue Montana Sapphire

$1,300.00 (USD)

1.7ct Blue Natural Sapphire, Missouri River Deposit, Heat only

7.3 x 7.3 x 4.5mm

A fabulous deep blue Montana Sapphire, this saturation in a Blue stone is quite rare for Montana. Classic square cushion shape, perfect for an engagement ring! This stone was mined in 2017 by one of the small family miners working outside Helena, MT. The rough was quite silky, so we sent it to our expert heat-treatment facility in Phillipsburg. The result is sumptuous color and good clarity.  There is an internal discoid (the “rainbow” visible in the photo) from from the heating process.

One of a kind design and USA cutting by Daniel O’Neil

Custom Design and cut by Daniel O’Neil


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