2ct Color Shift Umba Sapphire, Unheated


2.05ct Rose Purple-Pink-Peach-Tan Color Shifting Umba Sapphire,Unheated, from Tanzania

Freeform cut in the USA

9.1 x 6.6 x 4.3 mm

A completely untamed, Unheated Freeform Umba Sapphire, both starkly dichroic and a color shifter :O  Amazing Dusty Purple/Pink color indoors, shifting outdoors to more of a Mauve with flashes of Tan, Peach, and Green.  Color is just all over the place in this wild child.  Typical Umba inclusions, some silk and “rain”, make for a more subdued sparkle.  Quite simply the most unique Sapphire to cross my desk in years!  This Sapphire would make a fabulous centerpiece for any custom jewelry creation, or a fine example of Untreated Umba Color Shift Weirdness for you gem collectors 😉